Mary's Missionary Baptist Church

Lighting Up the World for Christ with His WORD!
1 Peter 2:11-12

Pastor Fowler had a vision and with prayer, counting on the WORD of God, that vision became,

"Mary's Missionary Baptist Church"


Rev. Dr. Mary E. Fowler, Senior Pastor
Rev. Mildred Burch-Dennis - Assistant to Pastor
Rev. George Williams

Deacons Ministry: 
 Carolyn Corbin, Chairperson
Trustees Ministry:
Moses Stewart, Chairperson
Ushers Ministry:
Keisha Corbin, Chairperson
Men's Ministry:
TBA, Director
Women's Ministry:
TBA, Director
Children's Ministry:
 Mildred Dennis

Youth Ministry:
Rev. Carmen Knight

Anthony Corbin
Stephanie Saunders

Sunday School:
Carolyn Corbin, Superintendent